Text marketing strategies that help small business prosper

The trending downturn with in-store consumerism has strained small businesses who have previously relied on a certain amount of walk-in traffic. Many customers continue to stay home and shop online instead. This is why text marketing campaigns are essential to protect small businesses. 

5 Ways Text Marketing Campaigns can help Small Businesses Prosper

They reach the couch. Many people continue to use computers, smartphones and the many online delivery services now available instead of physically interacting with the commercial world. One reason text marketing campaigns are so effective is that they almost always reach customers because their phones are always with them. 

Budget-friendly. A text marketing campaign is easy on your budget both from a monetary and a time standpoint. There are no physical needs as far as printing or installation steps. Instead, it’s all digital. From a time standpoint text marketing is very low-cost because it can be scheduled and managed easily.

Easy to track. Text marketing is very easy to track because you can see exactly which texts resulted in engagement and which caused the customer to opt out. In addition, you can evaluate follow up texts to make them as effective as possible. If you cannot track your advertising, you’ll waste time and money on ineffective practices. 

Enable convenient communication. Not everyone is sitting on their couches eagerly awaiting your call-to-action. However, the convenience of text marketing is that it is universal. The person at work who wants to communicate during breaks can wait to open and respond to communication when he or she is able. The person who has time to kill can be satisfied by a more immediate response. 

High read rate. When you work in email marketing, one of the key metrics worthy of attention is the open rate. In text marketing, almost all texts are read eventually. Text messaging is still a welcome format, and texts are not as likely to be ignored or sent to the trash without being read. 

Protect Your Small Business with Text Marketing 

When you are trying to survive the online shopping surge, it is important to use all of your resources. This means using all appropriate marketing channels, and text marketing is almost always appropriate. When done correctly, text marketing does not feel like an intrusion. Instead, it gives customers a convenient way to interact with your brand that gives value to your product or service. Learn here how GMS can help you create and implement a text marketing strategy.