IP Targeting: 3 Trends to Watch Out for In 2022

The globe collectively let out a sigh of relief when 2022 arrived, congratulating ourselves for steering through 2021 and welcoming a new year with high spirits, with the hope that things will finally return back to normal. But as we enter 2022, it has become quite evident that ‘normal’ is a thing of the past.

This is the reality digital marketers must accept and live through each day. What worked yesterday might not work today and likewise might not work tomorrow. Same goes for IP targeting. This guide discusses what IP targeting is and how you can best leverage the latest IP targeting trends to shape your marketing endeavors in the new year and beyond.

Let’s get started.

But What Is IP Targeting?

In a nutshell, IP targeting is a digital marketing tool that enables advertisers to leverage IP or Internet Protocol addresses to distribute unique, personalized content to a desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet or connected TV user, based on their location.

Here are some of the best and latest practices for IP targeting that you should consider in 2022:

#1: Don’t Over Target

Although IP targeting is lauded for being specific, there is always the possibility of your campaign having too much of a good thing. While narrowing down your criteria is beneficial, it’s equally important to avoid over-specifying to the extent of exclusion. If your target criteria is extremely particular, you will end up casting a smaller net. Even if your campaign turns out to be lucrative, you’ll still have lower conversions than you could with a wider-targeted marketing campaign.

#2 Try A/B Testing

A/B testing refers to running two identical campaigns with trivial variations, and testing which one leads to higher success for your brand. Next, you hone your overall digital marketing endeavors to align with the successful campaign to initiate the wide-scale effort. When it comes to IP targeting, A/B testing can be used to further refine your targeting criteria and ensure maximum returns are achieved through your campaign.

#3: Work with IP Targeting Experts

IP targeting is a more advanced digital marketing pursuit than most marketing tactics. It includes the management and coordination of internal business data as well as external third-party data. This can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned digital marketers.

Working with dedicated IP targeting experts really helps to ensure your campaign stays on the right track.

Closing Note 

Whether you want to offer customers a more engaging experience or simply wish to draw attention, IP targeting can make it all happen. If you do not know where to start or want to ensure you’re moving in the right direction, feel free to reach out to us at 1-888-601-3934, learn more here, or if you are ready to begin you can contact us here!