5 Uses for Variable Information Printing

The convenience of digital printing has allowed advertisers and businesses to utilize many new innovations in printed media. One such technique is variable information printing (VIP). With VIP, rather than committing fully to a single design and copy, a business has the ability to change certain aspects of the artwork or writing, so that variable information can be produced in only one print run. Curious how this technique can be useful? Here are some examples.

Incorporating Multiple Languages

If you need to target your product abroad or you want to reach language-diverse communities, VIP is good way to go. You can easily adjust your copy without changing the artwork, and you can also change your formatting if the new copy does not quite fit the same layout.


The place where VIP really shines is with personalized materials. This can encompass everything from using customer names and personal data in the copy to using different artwork to catch the eye of certain targets. For example, if you were trying to reach an audience with different interests within your business, you could create different versions of your mailer to accommodate that. A clothing brand might have three designs for each demographic, photos of women’s, men’s, and children’s models.

Product Customization

If you need to print labels for your products, you can quickly change the wording or formatting, such as color or font. You can even use this experimentally if you are testing new marketing strategies. You may be interested if a certain product label leads to more sales. With VIP, you can create two versions of your label and track which version is more popular. You can also use VIP to add serialized identifiers to products to track them within the supply chain.

More Effective Upselling

Once you have made a sale, you will typically want to try to upsell that customer. Using your data on individual sales history, you can target specific customers with further options related to their previous purchases, rather than just targeting everyone with the same materials.

Variable information printing can make personalizing your marketing simple and efficient. This type of printing works best when using a professional graphic designer. If you think you could benefit from this and other digital printing techniques but don’t know where to start, contact Graphic Media Solutions today to discuss your options.