3 Myths About Email Marketing and Why They are Wrong

Now that social media is so omnipresent in everything we do online, some people assume there is no longer any value to email marketing. Not true. Email campaigns are very much still a thing of the present, and if you want to reach as many of your customers in the most impactful way possible, you will still need to use this tactic. Some people do not like email marketing because they hold some mistaken beliefs about it. We are to dispel some of the myths around email marketing, so you can go forward with future campaigns more effectively.

Myth #1: Receiving Emails is Annoying for Your Audience

Keep in mind that when someone signs up for your email list, they have to do this action purposefully. These clients want to receive communications from you. Email lists are opt-in. Obviously, you do not want to overdo it and bombard clients, but you should be emailing on a regular basis so that the reason they signed up in the first place is still fresh in their minds. If your unsubscribe rates are up or open rates are down, it may not be the volume of email you are sending. It is more important that you focus on providing your readership with engaging content.

Myth #2: There is a Single Best Time to Send Campaigns

A quick online search will give you several varying opinions on what is the “best” time to send a campaign on various platforms. Generally, people say business emails are most effective during business hours, and some may try to scrutinize this even further to a very specific time of day. The truth is, for most businesses that operate during normal hours, there is a choice of days that work well. Remember that your business is unique and what works for one, even if it is similar, may not work well for your company. Try to gather your own data and figure out when to send campaigns based on your own results.

Myth #3: You Need a Huge Master List

Is an email list with a large number of subscribers a good thing? Yes, it means you have a high level of initial interest in your company and, hopefully, increased engagement. However, this doesn’t mean that you should hold off on a campaign until you reach a prescribed number of subscribers. If you ship quality content and are attracting real customers with genuine interest in what you can provide them, you may have more engagement than if you had a long list of unrelated email addresses.

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