Retarget Your Marketing Strategy with Tracking Pixel Technology

Retargeting a marketing strategy requires a bit of investigative work, which means you need the tools to research consumer behavior in your current sales endeavors. Tracking pixels are a great way to gather raw consumer data instead of less reliable data from consumer reviews and surveys. 

What Are Tracking Pixels? 

A tracking pixel is an image on your website or marketing email that is the size of 1 pixel. It contains code that tracks consumer behavior on your site. A tracking pixel can be used to gather data such as: 

  • Devices used to access email or site
  • Movements after initial visit within email or site
  • Browser used
  • Time of access
  • IP address

These are very valuable snippets of data. Knowing what your visitors are viewing and what type of device they are using when accessing a site or opening an email allows you to retarget your marketing efforts to optimize visitor experience. In many cases, multiple tracking pixels can be used on one page to track different information. This should be done with caution (or expertise) to avoid skewing your data. 

Do Tracking Pixels Invade Consumer Privacy?

Tracking pixels are meant to be invisible. Since they only fill a 1×1 pixel space on a screen, they are easy to camouflage by making them the same color as a background. This has caused some controversy because consumers don’t have any obvious way of knowing they are being tracked. When using this technology your website’s privacy policy and email footer should always disclose that it does track information. Pixels are less intrusive than using cookies, which will no longer be an option to help understand consumer patterns in the near future, but still a passive way to gain this valuable information.

Should You Use Tracking Pixels for Your Digital Marketing Strategy? 

As long as you are transparent in your privacy policy, you should absolutely consider tracking pixels as part of your digital marketing strategy. It is a simple way to gather observable information rather than relying on the consumer’s perceived experience. It removes the tedious nature of information gathering because it does it behind the scenes without any effort by the consumer or the entrepreneur. Marketing strategies are most effective when they can be retargeted based on raw data that is easily captured. Pixels have the ability make your direct mail campaigns, IP targeting, and overall marketing strategy a much more personalized experience. Don’t know where to start? We are here to help!