Tracking Response Rate for Direct Mail

The most obvious way to deem your marketing campaign a success is by an increase in sales or leads. But is this the most accurate way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign? Fortunately, there are better, more specific tracking methods to determine your actual response rate. With online marketing, it is easy to track engagement by clicks, likes, and follows, but how do you measure this metric when you are running a direct mail campaign? There are several ways to do this – learn how to track direct mail using the strategies below.

Coupon Codes

If you include a coupon code in your mailer that is unique to this specific campaign and medium, you can track your conversion rate each time someone redeems the special offer. If you are accepting the code in person or over the phone, make sure you ask for the actual code from the customer during each redemption. If you want to A/B test certain strategies in different areas, you can create a different coupon code for each variation to track which is most effective.

Trackable Phone Number

If your customers mainly contact you by phone, you can measure your response rate with call tracking. You will need to a different number than your regular business line, but this is easy to set up. You can create a dedicated toll-free number that automatically forwards to your main line. You can also employ a call tracking software company. They will provide you with analytics data and call playback. If possible, request a number with your area code rather than an 800 number to help your customers feel more comfortable calling.

Trackable URL

Create a unique URL to include on your direct mailer that links to a custom landing page, ideally on your website. With a campaign-specific URL, you can track visits with the site’s analytics tools. If you want to make it more personal, you can even make a personalized URL for every individual on your mailing list, i.e., With this method, you can direct each recipient to an individualized landing page. This can get tricky, so it is best to hire a professional for this.

QR Codes

Similarly to a URL, you can use a QR code to go directly to a custom landing page where you can track the response from your Direct Mail and Print Advertising efforts. If there are multiple ways that your customers typically reach your business, you do not have to limit yourself to just one of these methods. You can combine all of them for increased response. For professional assistance with your direct mail strategies, reach out to GMS today.