Overcoming Print Advertising CTA Challenges

Creating a call-to-action in online advertising is relatively easy when compared to print advertising. This is because with the simple click of a button, a customer can be brought directly to your product. It’s a little trickier with print advertising, and this is why.

5 Print Advertising CTA Challenges

1. Anchored by location: Where your advertisement is viewed is very vital to how effective it will be. If your potential customer is downtown, and your business is downtown, this is great. More likely, they’re at home or involved in some sort of activity that prevents them from dropping everything to consider your product. You need to consider the most likely places where your ad will be viewed to organize your ad’s strategy and content. Your CTA should travel with your customer whether in hand or in mind.

2. Research limitations: When a person views a digital ad, they can immediately use a search engine to compare your product to others or look at reviews about your business. Yelp is a huge resource for consumers as well as Facebook pages and other sites where you can look at reviews. This is not the case with print advertising. This means your print advertising must make your business look very intriguing. It must be intriguing enough to investigate later.

3. Intrusiveness: Just like too many pop-up ads can be annoying and a deterrent in online advertising, print advertising can be intrusive. This doesn’t mean you should avoid it but rather that your customer should see value in your ad. This can be achieved by including a coupon, information about a new product, or simply making your ad an enjoyable experience. The customer must view your ad long enough to get to your CTA.

4. Digital pairing: Most ads now have a QR code or a URL address to connect your viewer to your website. How these connections between online and offline life occur must not decrease the value of your ad. Especially if you’re a small, local business, you have to evaluate the need for online connections and whether or not it detracts from your ad.

5. Too many options: The final challenge for print advertising as far as CTAs go is that there are too many options! This provides opportunity for creativity and subtlety, but it also creates the ability to make your ad into a mess. Don’t use all available CTA options. Focus on your message and make your CTA appear organic. It is very important that you include a CTA in most advertising, but it can be overdone. There is a fine line between making your customer feel like they are missing out and making them feel like you are desperate for a sale.

Accepting the CTA Challenge

Designing your print advertisements should include a CTA of some sort in order to engage your customer and spark interest in your business. Each advertisement has different needs, and understanding the challenges of effective CTAs will help tailor your ad to enhance your business.

Have you had specific successes or failures trying to incorporate a CTA into your print advertising? Comment below to share and let’s keep the conversation going!