Omni Channel SMS + Location-Based Advertising

When you advertise, the goal is to target a potential client base that is the most relevant to your business. It is not cost-effective to market to every person out there. With today’s technology, it is increasingly easier to focus your advertising by one of the most important metrics: location. There is a myriad of ways to figure out where your customer base likes to spend their time, and these techniques go hand-in-hand with text message marketing. Read on to learn the best ways our customers have used our Omni Channel SMS + Location-Based Advertising to target their customers and demographic aligned prospects by location.

Use a Web Sign Up Form

If you are using your web form to obtain consent to send text/email messages to your prospects and customers, you can easily include fields in your form that help you group people by location. Such fields could include city, state, zip code or mobile number. Web forms are very easy to create, and once you have the location information, you simply target certain text messages to specific zip codes, area codes, or other location fields that have been completed.

Try Text words

Text words are keywords people send you when they sign up for your text list. This technique is especially useful if you have multiple locations for your business. For example, customers who frequent the area near your business located on the west side of town could be prompted to text WESTSIDE to your sign-up number. This allows you to group people by who is most likely to visit a certain branch of your business, and you can send them deals and information specific to that location.

Engage with IP Targeting

IP targeting is a digital data marketing technique we employ at GMS, in which a client can target potential customers based on a certain geographic area. This is done through data associated with their IP addresses on their mobile devices. It allows our clients to use exacting levels to connect with their audience, and show advertisements in a number of digital environments such as mobile browsers, apps, desktop and laptop computers, even streaming TV accounts. Learn more about this emerging technology here.

The top best practice for implementing these emerging technologies is to hire a team of experts to take care of the complex details and data analysis for your business. GMS has extensive experience in this huge piece of the new marketing landscape and is here to help. Contact us today.