Marketing At-Home with Digital Platforms

Many businesses are struggling to reach their customers who have decided that staying at home is the best way to remain safe from COVID-19. Their commitment to safety is admirable, but for business owners trying to reach their target markets, it is a challenge. That is why it is very important for businesses to engage in marketing at-home options via digital platforms. 

Why At-Home Options?

The reason at-home options are so integral to marketing strategies is that it is the only way to reach the entire target market. StreetSide or out-of-home marketing is still essential, but for those who aren’t going anywhere, you have to reach them where they are. Their couches…or wherever they are committed to staying at home.  

This essentially means online marketing, but it can also mean television marketing, direct mail, and flyers. Any way that you can get your message to the home, and that message needs to say you offer at-home options. 

What Are At-Home Options?

Some businesses may feel that at-home options are not a possibility in their line of work, but this is rarely true. You can advertise curbside pickup or delivery services, virtual consultation services, and make the option to order online available. 

One of the keys to maintaining relationships with customers during this time is bringing your services to their home. Even in cases where this does prove to be impossible, improving websites or providing interactive digital advertising can provide an opportunity for prospective customers to interact with your brand. 

Where to Make At-Home Options Available

It is easy to say that you should put your advertising on a digital platform, but how you do that should be part of your targeted marketing strategy. All options will point the consumer to your website, but they can also point the consumer to your telephone number or let them know that your doors are still open. This may mean digital platforms such as advertising on Facebook, but it also includes email and text marketing campaigns. If your consumers aren’t seeing out-of-home advertising, bring it into their home. 

Creativity and Responsibility with At-Home Option Advertising

When you provide at-home options, you are creatively entering the consumer’s home in a way that benefits them rather than invading their home with sales pitches. It shows that you are a responsible business devoted to community safety and providing for vulnerable populations. It also shows that you are devoted to your services. All of these ideas coincide with providing at-home options. If your sales are in a rut due to COVID-19, turn to GMS managed at-home options for digital platforms, and make your customers take notice.