Integrating Your Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

There are many benefits of using either a print strategy or digital advertising for your latest marketing campaign. With both being very valuable and proven options, which one should you choose for your next campaign? Luckily, you do not have to choose – print and digital marketing strategies actually work together seamlessly. In fact, using both techniques may provide better results than using just one. Read on for our tips on how to combine the best of both worlds into one successful marketing strategy.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Using both print and digital in your marketing strategy can help you reach a wider customer base and expand to different demographics. However, your print and digital materials should not look like they are from completely different campaigns. It is important to maintain cohesive branding and messaging across all media to reinforce recognition.

Encourage Social Media Interaction with Print and In-Store Materials

Your audience is not thinking in terms of separate marketing channels. With access to the internet in our pockets at all times, we can engage with social media anywhere. Try employing a call to action involving social media on your print materials or in-store signage. This could include things like themed filters, hashtags, selfie opportunities, or scavenger hunt contests. Further encourage participation by offering discounts or prizes.

Print Online Reviews

If you have a strong online presence with lots of positive feedback and interaction, there is no need to restrict them to your online audience. By including reviews and testimonials you have received on social media in your print marketing materials, you showcase to your offline audience that you have an active online presence and that people are engaged in your business. It also highlights positive things real customers have said about you that can be verified online.

Offer Digital Opt-Ins for Print Mail

You can use your online presence to funnel potential customers into your print offerings. Rather than sending out catalogs or newsletters to people you have guessed will want them, let your audience opt in by signing up on your website for these materials. You can also bundle them with exclusive offers available only to print audiences.

Print QR Codes

You can encourage your print audience to interact with your business online immediately when they see your print ad through QR codes. A poster can’t contain every piece of information a client would want about your company or ensure they don’t forget about your call to action. A QR code is an easy way to direct them to your website or to a specific page, like a product or event registration.