How to Boost Your Marketing Strategy with Business Card Design

Business cards are one of the most standard and ubiquitous pieces of print you’ll encounter in your professional life. But did you know you can use this essential business tool as an easy way to market yourself? Depending on someone’s line of work, they may receive several business cards a week, and even if they don’t, you want to make sure yours is memorable enough to stand out from the crowd, while being easily readable. Are your business cards getting the right kind of attention? Read below for some tips on what to prioritize.

Put Your Face on the Card

Whether you met a potential client in person or over email, people are more likely to remember and trust you if they can put a face to your name. If you met them at a networking or other event and had a great conversation, seeing your face will help keep that memory front and center for them. Conversely, a client who received your card through a digital channel or in the mail will feel more like they know you and may reach out to you first over your competitors.

Digitize Your Card

While you can’t click the links on a printed card, it is important to include any relevant weblinks or social media handles. To further encourage “clicks,” you could even offer a special discount code or free gift, only redeemable online. For any longer or complicated web addresses, be sure to shorten your link with a tool like so clients don’t get frustrated trying to manually type lengthy strings of letters.

Alternatively, don’t make your client type anything at all and use a QR code. This option is also handy because it can double as tracking tool to monitor your card’s conversion rate.

Keep It Simple

It can be tempting to make your card really flashy, but going too over-the-top will distract customers from the important information on your card. Remember that you have limited space to highlight this, so rather than crowding your card with every means of contacting you and too much small text, focus on a few main details.

For example, your street address takes up a lot of space and can easily be found on your website, where your potential client is more likely to browse before visiting your business in-person anyway.

As you can see, minor tweaks can go a long way to making you more marketable. For more personalized assistance in marketing your small business in a range of mediums, reach out to us at Graphic Media Solutions.