How the Pandemic has Shaped Visual Marketing Trends

One area of marketing that has greatly benefitted from the pandemic is all things visual. To best engage with customers and manage their newly remote workforce, brands have resorted to visual marketing to find new methods to reach out and connect. Read on to find out the most popular ways visual marketing has grown this past year.

Video Content

Video has been gaining popularity for over a decade, therefore this cannot be considered a new trend. However, the pandemic has exacerbated this trend, forcing more firms to discover new ways to communicate with their customers. In reaction to global lockdowns, video has become significantly more important for companies and they are ramping up their video marketing efforts. Quality video editing is available to everyone these days, and consumers are more likely to share video content than any other form of digital content.


A subcategory of video content, ephemeral content, is a video that lasts online for a temporary number of hours before disappearing completely. This is most commonly seen in social media stories. By creating a sense of demand with limited availability, there is an urgency associated with such content. Additionally, because of the fleeting nature of stories, brands may post more daring or personal content of these streams, and consumers in turn trust the authenticity of stories more. It can be the perfect way to show off a slice-of-life moment at your business, without compromising the overall professionalism of the page.

Visualization of SERPs

You may have noticed that the search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google have become increasingly more colorful and eye-catching. In addition to the normal textual search results, listings are also accompanied by relevant images and video clips, related stories with video thumbnails, branded logos, and more. Developing and optimizing visual content is becoming as crucial as creating text content to gain more exposure from search results.

Creating branded visual content to accompany just about any of your marketing campaigns has become more important than ever as your branded visual content is now part of organic search optimization. In turn, branded visual marketing is becoming increasingly important for SEO exposure.

Visuals You Can Purchase

When selling a product, image is nearly always the first and most impactful way you will catch a customer’s interest. Modern platforms have made it so that “Buy Now” or “Learn More” buttons or actions can be added to many images with a simple click or swipe. A consumer can go from admiring a piece of clothing on a model to owning it for themselves in a matter of minutes or even seconds.