How Managed Print Services Will Save Your Company Money

How Managed Print Services Will Save Your Company Money

Are you part of the 90% of businesses that are throwing money away on printing? An interesting statistic from the Gartner Group shows that an astonishing 90% of businesses don’t know how many printers they have or even how much they spend on print!

Print usually comes in as the third highest business operating expense behind rent and payroll. A major reason behind this is businesses aren’t tracking how much they print and the cost quickly adds up. Did you know that the average office worker prints up to 10,000 pages a year? Add 10-1000 employees at that rate and print suddenly becomes a major expense.

Managed print services from Graphic Media Solutions can reel in your printing expenses while still maintaining quality prints. GMS not only reduce total printing needed but also the wasted time from printing and printing-related issues.

Quality Prints

Managed print services are more than just making sure you have what you need. It’s about getting it done right the first time. That means no more wasted time or money on printing projects multiple times. Cost-effective solutions are at the core of what we do while still maximizing quality. We handle more than standard office printing as well. We provide value-added services that fit the needs of your printing requirements including:

● Postcard printing
● Custom flyer printing
● Banners

Save Time With Managed Print Services

Managed print services are more than a convenient printing service. The time your employees save alone will cut costs dramatically. Did you know that about half of all IT help desk calls are print related? Keep your employees working on more important tasks and leave the print issues to us.

Help desk calls are not the only waste of time your employees face when printing themselves. A few more time-consuming tasks that can be avoided are:
● Design and approval of print media
● Downtime while waiting for prints to be completed
● Individual tracking of paper and toner usage

Regardless the type of printed media you use most, managed print services can save both time and money while still providing quality prints in a timely manner. Contact us today to learn more.

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