Four Elements of a Perfect Logo

A good logo is able to say something about the company with only its imagery. Your company logo may seem like a comparatively small piece of your business strategy, but it is very important. Your logo appears on everything, and it gives you an opportunity to succinctly tell a customer what you stand for as a business. Companies that have done this well are companies we now often can recognize by their logo alone, even if any text is removed or changed. Suffice it to say, never underestimate the power of a great logo. Here are some elements that belong in a good logo.

Simplicity is Key

Have you ever encountered a business logo that was so busy you didn’t know where to look? It may be tempting to try to include a lot of detail or information into your logo – you want people to know who you are! – but this will just confuse more than captivate. The incredibly successful Apple apple or the golden arches of McDonald’s have something in common, which is that they are both very simple in color and recognizable shape. Let your brand do the talking, and let your logo hold their attention.

Make it Memorable

Where people often get stuck is that they think a logo has to be a literal representation of what their business does. But if every car company logo was just a car, this would quickly become very forgettable and none would stand out much. There is a delicate balance between too obvious and too abstract. You want to pique your audience’s curiosity just enough so that they have to thoughtfully consider it and make a personal connection with it, but not so much that your company’s essence is lost.

Be Original

If a certain style has worked for other companies in your industry, you should imitate that to also be successful, right? Not so! Avoid the standard tropes of logos, such as swooshes or pinwheels, and do not try to imitate others’ wins. Do a quick search of logos in your industry. Note the patterns you see, then make your logo different.

Play the Long Game

Eventually, there will come a time when your logo looks outdated and you need to modernize it. However, you should keep this in mind when choosing a logo. The longer you can go without changing your logo, the better your brand recognizability will be. Avoid the temptation to jump on the hottest trends and go with something timeless that you will only have to make minor stylistic tweaks to. Been a while since the last update? Let us help!