Banner Season is Back!

Reinforce your marketing campaign and promote your business, youth sports team or event with a sharp-looking, attention-grabbing customized vinyl banner. These versatile, weather-resistant banners can be used indoors or out and are large enough to grab attention from a distance. Here’s our top tips for an effective vinyl banner:

  1. Keep custom vinyl banner designs simple to draw attention. You want to cut through the visual clutter, not create more. Keep your message short and graphics bold. When it comes to banners, the images speak louder than the words. The verbiage should be concise, allowing the graphics to grab the consumers’ attention.
  2. Use large text. Banners are typically placed higher and are viewed from a distance. Use a large font that will draw attention and be easy to read from afar.
  3. Select easy to read font and size. Large vinyl banners are not the place for fancy and quirky fonts. Your aim is readability so your message is not lost. The bold sans-serif fonts are easy to read. Make sure the size of the font is also appropriate for the distance from which it will be viewed.
  4. Colors matter. There is a delicate balance when it comes to the amount of color placed on a custom vinyl banner. No color can appear dull, but too much can be distracting. It’s best to stick with a simple color scheme of two to three colors to ensure your audience will be able to clearly receive the message. If the banner is being used and placed where it will be read close up, adding more colors won’t affect a consumer’s ability to read the banner.
  5. Choose contrasting colors to make the text and graphics stand out and easier to read. Brighter colors will pop and work better to grab attention. You’ll also want to take your brand’s logo colors into account. Sticking with the same color palette as your logo will work to keep branding consistent and increase brand recognition.
  6. Indoor Banners can be designed differently than Outdoor Banners. The placement of the banners indoors versus outdoors affects how they will be viewed. You’ll need to customize your vinyl banner accordingly.
  7. Indoor banners allow for more design details and content. Indoor banners are easier to read because they are closer to the consumers. Therefore, you can place more information and colors on an indoor banner. You’ll have the option to include more detail and intricate design.
  8. Simplicity is key with outdoor banners since people will be viewing it from a further distance. Keep the information brief to provide room for larger fonts and use just two or three contrasting colors for maximum readability.
  9. Include a Call-to-Action. All marketing materials need a CTA (Call-To-Action) to encourage their audience to act. For instance, an indoor banner might direct customers to talk to a sales associate or make a purchase.
  10. Outdoor banners require a Call-to-Action, too. An outdoor banner could invite the reader to come visit your store. Always include your website address (URL) so viewers can get additional information about your company. It’s also helpful to use powerful phrases such as, “Hurry in today!” or, “Call now!”
  11. It’s crucial to leave space around the perimeter of your design for page bleed. If this step is forgotten, your design may print off center.
  12. Promote your brand. After all, isn’t that the main goal of your customized vinyl banner? Include your logo or any other brand-related images or information to increase your brand awareness.
  13. Include any benefits, such as special offers. Offering a discount, free item with purchase or any other type of promotion can increase your conversion rate. This works especially well when paired with call-to-action phrases, creating a sense of urgency.

How To Pick The Right Place For Your Large Banners And Signs

 You’ve perfected your message and design, but proper placement is key for maximum exposure. Large banners with simple design work best in high traffic areas, such as busy intersections, well-attended events and popular shopping locations.

Also take into account your target customers when considering locations for your vinyl banner. Key demographics, such as age, location, and income can affect where your banner will work best.

Finally, assess the area around banner location. View the banner from different angles and distances to make sure there aren’t any visual obstructions blocking your banner.

Installing & Hanging the Custom Banners

 Taking extra care when installing your banner will also improve readability. The message will be lost if a loose corner is flapping in the wind! We recommend using tie wraps, zip ties or ropes to keep your custom vinyl banner secure. Pull the banner tight in all directions so it lies completely flat against the surface it’s being adhered to. This will prevent wind and weather from damaging or loosening the banner.

If hanging on a wall, put a plug in the wall and then screw the banner to the wall. It’s also important to keep away sharp objects that could puncture or pierce your banner.

Storing Your Banner Signs To Prevent Damage

 Our custom vinyl banners are made from high quality material so they can be used again and again. Proper storage can help extend the life of your banner and keep it looking brand new. Here’s some quick tips for storing yours:

  • Make sure the banner signs are dry before storing. If they are damp, wipe them completely dry before placing in storage to prevent stains from mildew.
  • Take on end and roll it up. Rolling the banner will take up minimal space in storage.
  • Do not fold! Folding your custom vinyl banner will cause creasing and could damage the print and design you so carefully selected.

High Quality Banner Printing In Greater Atlanta, Georgia Area

Graphic Media Solutions offers high quality banner printing in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Our graphic designers are skilled artists with creative ideas. They look forward to working with you to create your perfect design or you can submit your own design for printing. Call us today to start promoting your brand effortlessly at 888-601-3934 or email us at

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