Are you tracking your direct mail efforts?

Direct mail is not going extinct, and as the digital marketing world gets overly-saturated, direct mail is making a comeback. Small business and marketing agencies are finding new and innovative ways to track this form of print media advertising. Many different methods are available for tracking direct mail, and these methods simplify marketing analysis. 

Tracking Direct Mail with Phone Numbers

Using a different phone number for different advertisements or certain segments of your target market is actually very easy. A certain phone number corresponds to a certain metric, but all of the numbers are redirected to your primary phone number. This allows a business to track specific activity without complicating any business operations. It is also in-line with most advertising formats, as phone numbers are a common inclusion. 

Using QR Codes for Tracking Direct Mail

Quick response (QR) codes are a popular part of the advertising world especially when the target market is a younger demographic. This is because they allow smartphone users to scan the code and be directed to your digital website or advertisement. QR codes can also include reporting information about which advertisement earned a conversion or any other indicators you would like to track. 

Track Direct Mail with Coupons

Placing a coupon on your direct mail advertising is an excellent way to measure the success of a marketing campaign regardless of your level of tech savviness.  This is because you can measure success by the number of coupons used. In a small business, these numbers can be calculated manually. In a larger company or high-tech company, the coupons can be scanned into programs for marketing analysis. 

Surveys for Tracking Direct Mail

Lastly, you can survey your customers to find out what made them decide to have a transaction with your business. This can be a simple question when checking out in stores, or you can send out formal surveys to phone numbers or email addresses. This method of tracking direct mail is not as accurate as others, but it does give you anecdotal evidence of the success (or failure) of your direct mail marketing. 

Words to the Wise

There is a Latin term in economics named ceteris paribus, and it means that all things remain constant. You can use this term to make the assumption that your marketing campaign is the only thing responsible for changes in metrics. If you see an upswing in sales following the direct mail dispersion, there’s a good chance your ads are working. Of course, ceteris paribus is rarely a real-life condition, so consider all reasons for changes. 

It is very important to track direct mail and any other marketing endeavor you pursue. Resources should only be allocated to marketing strategies that are profitable. There are many ways to track direct mail, so every business has the power to do it. Not sure where to get started? GMS is here to help. We’ve employed many of these strategies with great success, let us go to work for you!