Are you handling Online Reviews properly?

The explosion of social media and online reviews has had a significant impact on the marketing industry. How do entrepreneurs respond to positive or negative critiques of their businesses? How can a negative review be transformed into a positive customer interaction? It is a touchy subject, and having a customer relationship management strategy is integral to creating positive responses to all online reviews. 

Positive Online Reviews

It would seem that a positive online review would be an easy one in which to respond. You thank the customer for their business and the positive review, and that’s the end of it. It needs to be simple to show the customer you appreciate their online commentary.

Unfortunately, many business owners or their social media marketing managers, choose to do extra. They see the online review as an additional opportunity for a second sale. As a result, they add an extra coupon in an effort to compel repeat business. Positive online reviews are not opportunities for sales pitches. 

In at least one study, offering a discount if the customer returned for a second transaction was seen as a ploy for repeat business rather than customer satisfaction. Customers felt that slinging additional sales pitches negated the appreciation of the positive review. The customers were reduced to monetary numbers instead of a valued relationship. 

In summary, keep positive online reviews simple. They are an appreciated action, but they don’t warrant further sales pursuance, at least not in that format.  

Negative Online Reviews

The dreaded negative online review is expected but can turn into a nightmare. This is because business owners can take complaints personally, and they may react in such a manner. In some circumstances, the complaints can take on a very personal tone, but it never pays to be reactive. 

A negative online review should be met with an apology, but it doesn’t have to admit wrongdoing. Apologizing for the misunderstanding or the negative experience is enough to offer an apology while also taking the higher ground. You appear professional, and it usually calms the negative emotion of the complainant if it has been seemingly elevated. 

Negative online reviews can draw a lot of attention, which is why it is important to keep your cool. A customer relationship management strategy can help to keep you on script. Apologize and offer an opportunity for resolution, but don’t go down a rabbit hole of debate and argument. 

Online Reviews Are an Important Part of Digital Marketing

Online reviews are an important part of digital marketing, and while they may be flippantly posted, they must be handled professionally. They show how willing you are to take care of your customer and how well you respond to conflict. Handle online reviews correctly, and they’ll add additional value to your online digital marketing strategy.