3 Reasons You Should Use Print to Advertise Your Online Business

During a year when countless companies have moved much, if not all, of their operations online, some business owners may think that this could mark an acceleration toward the end of print marketing. Needless to say, we see plenty of value in print advertising. Rather than looking at the situation as one method replacing another, we prefer to view it as two pieces of a comprehensive marketing strategy that is multi-pronged and addresses different elements of customer acquisition and loyalty. Curious how print advertising can still be relevant in our technology-obsessed world? Read on to learn more.

Print audiences are more focused

When someone is reading a print magazine, the experience is very different than consuming media online. There is a lot less opportunity for distraction – no emails, no pop-ups, nothing moving or flashing on another part of the page. When looking at a print advertisement, it is much easier to pay attention to an ad and for a longer period. There is the added benefit that an activity like reading a magazine is a very intentional choice, so readers are more likely to have taken the time to really focus on the material in front of them.

Print has a high conversion rate

With a print advertisement, there is no risk of accidentally clicking a link you did not intend to. You know any traffic you get from a print ad is on purpose. According to the CMO Council, as much as 79% of people take some sort of action after seeing a print ad. Have patience, though; unlike in an online environment, printed media takes a little more time and often requires multiple brand exposures. However, people have been shown to have better memory for printed material, so your ad will stay with them for longer.

Print reinforces trust

Another piece of the intentionality of choosing to read print is that readers trust the publications they choose. Often, their readership has lasted a long time, and they have come to expect a certain level of quality. Readers now associate print with premium and credibility because it is not that easy or cheap to put together a printed publication these days. This credibility extends to your brand because a publisher had to give it the seal of approval for your ad to even appear.

So does print advertising still have a future? We certainly think so! The benefits we have discussed here show how print is still an important arm of your marketing strategy that can provide numerous advantages that will perfectly complement your digital marketing methods. As our society moves increasingly online, print will continue to find innovative ways to collaborate with the digital world. GMS is at the forefront of the Publishing & Media Buy space, let us help you today.