10 Strategies that Get Your Direct Mail Noticed

Over the past several years direct mail has been enjoying a resurgence. In fact, 65 percent of direct mail recipients have bought something from a direct mail piece, per the Direct Mail Association’s recent statistics. In a time of online, social, inter-web everything many consumers are growing weary of high-tech advertising. When a consumer is sorting through their mail, your direct mail piece has their full, undivided attention; they don’t have ten different tabs open in their browser and aren’t being bombarded with pop-up ads distracting them every time they get online.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 36 percent of people under 30 years of age look forward to checking their mail every day. When done correctly, direct mail is a highly effective way to market your services or products. Discover our powerful tips below to get your direct mail opened, not tossed in the trash.

Do Not Use a P.O. Box in Your Direct Mail Marketing

Do not use a P.O. box in your direct mail marketing campaigns. Instead, use your company street address. P.O. boxes are perceived as impersonal and private, almost as though you have something to hide. Sharing your location shows that your business is professional and has an established workplace—not some fly-by-night operation.

Do Not Include Your Company Name in The Return Address

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will work to engage your consumers. By excluding your company name in the return address, a recipient’s need to know just who that mysterious envelope is from will typically get the best of them. Just remember to avoid using “or current resident” when addressing the envelopes (a dead giveaway!).

Use 3D Mail in Direct Mail Printing

Back, again, with our cat theory, using 3-D mail, also known as dimensional or lumpy mail, in your direct mail printing, peaks a consumer’s curiosity as to what might be inside the envelope. An irregular and lumpy envelope beckons further inspection, enticing the consumer to open it. Imagine sending a golf ball emblazoned with your company logo in an envelope to accompany your golf scramble fundraiser invitation. Such an odd-shaped envelope practically begs to be opened. Businesses utilize 3D or lumpy mail because it works to attract attention and ultimately increase your ROI.

Add Attention Grabbers for Envelopes

Nothing says, “Recycle me immediately!” like a boring, plain white or manila envelope. Add attention grabbers on the outside of the envelope that demand to be opened. Phrases such as, “Check out this once in a lifetime deal INSIDE!” or “Peek inside to find out if you’ve won!” The promise of something worthwhile inside is hard for a consumer to resist.

Use Unique Envelopes

While direct mail pieces are better received and don’t have to compete for attention the way online ads do, they still need to stand out in a stack of mail. Use unique envelopes to make a striking impression. Think outside of the box, or in this case, rectangle. Your envelopes can be designed to resemble anything; from a brown bag to a bag of popcorn or just about anything else you can dream up!

Use A Personalized Headline on Direct Mail Envelopes

A personalized headline on the direct mail envelopes will also work to draw attention. Variable printing can call out a recipient or business by name. An envelope headline that reads, “Hey, Jeremy! We need your help!” sparks interest as opposed to, “Hey Current Resident . . .”

You can also use local organizations that the recipient is familiar with as referrals in your headlines. For instance, if you’re a business that sells cookware targeting consumers that love to cook, you might use a headline that reads “Sheri’s Chef Shop thought you’d be interested in the amazing deal inside!” Personalizing your headlines creates instant familiarity and referrals help build trust.

Use FedEx or UPS if Your Direct Mail Advertising to Executives

Using FedEx or UPS for your direct mail advertising helps get your package past the office gatekeepers and into the executives’ hands that you’re targeting. Instead of sending via traditional mail, using a delivery service to deliver your direct mail pieces makes them appear more urgent and important than standard mail.

Add an Incentive to Open the Direct Mail Envelope

Dangling that carrot always helps improve a business’s success rate. Add an incentive to get receivers to open the direct mail envelopes. You might entice them with the offer of a free gift, chance to win a prize, or to open the envelope to find out what percentage discount they’ll be entitled to.

Use High Quality Envelopes

First impressions are everything. It’s no different when it comes to the appearance of your direct mail. Cheap, low-quality envelopes and paper send the message that it’s not worth the consumer’s time to open. If the envelope is made from heavier, high-quality paper, the potential customer is more likely to open it. People are generally more intrigued when under the impression that a lot of thought and money was put into a direct mail piece. Plus, the printed materials will look more formal, which in turn makes your company look that much better.

Add a Tracking Number on Envelope

To gauge the success of your direct mail campaign, we recommend adding a tracking number to the envelope. This helps you determine active addresses and the response rate for each campaign. Understanding the success of your campaign and ROI is imperative. It’s important to find out which methods and strategies work to help you better allocate your marketing dollars.

Need Help with Successful Direct Mail Marketing?

Graphic Media Solutions can help you reach potential consumers in a unique and memorable way. We’ll help your business create successful direct mail marketing campaigns that increase loyalty among current consumers and converts prospects. Contact us today to get started!

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