Why Event Flyers Are Important in Marketing

Discover why event flyers are important in marketing

Event flyers have been used in advertising for years. P.T. Barnum, one of the founders of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, is largely credited with having a major impact on event planning, promotion and publicity. Easy to believe since he was in charge of promoting “The greatest show on Earth,” taking public relations and advertising to another level.


While you may not be hosting a three-ring circus, event flyers are still an important aspect in promoting and marketing today. They are a highly effective way to market your message and they work! Take a cue from Barnum’s brightly colored designs and attention-grabbing ad copy to help your flyer stand out in a crowd.

9 Reasons Why Professional Business Flyers Are Still Important


Business flyers are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools a company can use. You can make a big impact while spending very little of your advertising budget. You’re afforded endless design options and can easily reach your target audience with varying design elements and flyer placement. Plus, they are easy to distribute and promise a high success rate. The flyers can be shared via:

■      Newspaper inserts

■      Door-to-door

■      Bulletin boards

■      Distribute on streets

■      Distribute at stores

■      Shared Mail

■      Direct Mail


Advertising flyers represent your business and display your company’s professionalism. Utilizing eye-catching designs, graphics and colors works to draw attention to your business and create a sense of familiarity with your brand among potential customers.


If your company is hosting an upcoming event, these flyers are a great tool to help promote the event and increase interest, resulting in higher attendance. This affordable form of advertising is surprisingly versatile. The form can be mailed directly to consumers and prospects; ensuring they receive and view the information. An even more affordable option is to post the flyer. The flyer can be posted on community and retail bulletin boards, schools, universities, community centers or outdoor areas, as well. The flyer can also take on various forms, such as left flat or folded.


Just as P.T. Barnum realized, promotional flyers are great for marketing opportunities. A simple sheet of paper can become an amazing marketing tool that can help publicize your event or business. The only limit is your imagination.


Use advertising flyers to engage your consumers. The flyer’s copy might ask the reader to submit their email address via the company website to provide additional information and attract them to your event. You might also provide incentives listed on the flyer to persuade the consumer to take action. If mailing the flyer, try including coupons or vouchers as incentive. Doing so also helps track the success of your marketing campaign. Flyers are perfect for reaching more local people, especially when targeting a specific demographic by location. For instance, if targeting young families, place flyers near parks and youth sports complexes.


Make Professional Advertising Flyers Part of Your Marketing


If they aren’t already, professional advertising flyers should be added to your marketing strategy. The low-cost, highly-effective marketing piece is great for promoting sporting events, store openings, brand launches, cultural events, festivals, academic events and the list goes on.


Graphic Media Solutions will design and create professional advertising flyers for your business or organization that will demand attention and create a buzz about your business. Contact our experts today!

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