Which Type of Publishing is Best for Your Organization?

When it comes to publishing content online, there are numerous options available – depending largely on your marketing objectives, budget, and timeline. However, before investing in a publishing option, it is crucial to first learn about the various types of publishing choices available to you.

Doing this will enable you to reach your target audience the right way while also reaping greater benefits from the investment incurred. Here are some of the most popular types of publishing:

Type #1 – Self Publishing

As the name suggest, self-publishing is essentially DIY publishing. In this publishing type, you will have to do every task yourself: find (and pay) for an editor, a proofreader, a formatter, an illustrator, a typesetter, and so on. Bear in mind, when it comes to self-publishing, the entire responsibility to getting your content in front of the right audience is solely on you.

We aren’t here to mince words so we will just put it out there: we don’t recommend self-publishing.


Because for all the money and time you’ll be investing into self-publishing, you’ll be much better off with hiring a professional publisher to facilitate the entire process for you. This will allow you to focus more on day-to-day business critical functions.

Type #2 – Professional Publishing

Professional publishers create content for businesses who require access to reliable, original, widely accepted information and standards. These involve, but are not limited to, lawyers, doctors, accountants, psychologists etc. Professional publishing saves you from the myriad hassles of self-publishing while getting your content in front of the right audience.

Another major advantage of professional publishing is that you will get support and direction from top industry experts.

Type #3 – Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing lies somewhere between professional publishing and self-publishing. They vary drastically in their terms. Nonetheless, they typically provide clients with some level of in-house expertise as well as distribution support. Going hybrid is a good option when the content to be published is a part of your business or self-promotion strategy.

How to Choose Best Publishing Type?

Now that you have some idea about the most popular publishing types and what each has to offer, it is time to understand the factors that can help you pick the best option for you.

Here are some crucial factors to consider before you take any decision:

Time – Consider your time limitations and the date you want the content to be published. Some publishers require more type than others.

Platform – Consider the platform you want to publish your content on, and choose a publisher that understand its intricacies and latest trends.

Closing Note

We are a multi-discipline publishing company that can help you navigate the highly intricate world of content distribution. If you are unsure whether you are headed in the right direction, our experts will be more than happy to help. 

Ask me directly or contact GMS here, and let us help you capture the hearts of your customers through engaging content that provides results!