Using QR Codes to Track Print Marketing Campaigns

If you are a convenience store or brick and mortar retail outlet, and you are sending direct mail, congratulations! You are using a tried and true marketing method to reach your customers in a manner that is preferred and effective. People check their mailboxes nearly every day. Unfortunately, it is hard to track effectiveness when you are using direct mail, which is why QR code coupons can be an excellent strategy to track print marketing campaigns

What is a QR Code? 

The QR stands for quick response, and this is because a QR code can be read quickly by any smartphone. It is much like the barcode grocery stores already use to track inventory. However, QR codes are typically used by the consumer to connect with a brand or product. 

A QR code can point to any number of things. It may bring a customer to your website. It may add coupons to their memberships. It may send someone to a site filled with additional coupons. There are countless ideas for using QR codes. 

Customers can download coupon codes that can be taken to the register. They can also add coupons to online orders or to their membership cards. They are an excellent go-between for the digital and print world. Nobody wants to carry an envelope of coupons to do their grocery shopping. Putting QR codes on your coupons invites your customers to use technology while reaching them through traditional means. 

QR Code Coupons for Tracking Print Marketing Campaigns

Your print marketing campaign does not have to suffer aesthetically from the addition of a QR code. They can be placed nearly anywhere on the ad and can be color coordinated to meet the visual appeal of your ad. While that is an advantage, the biggest gift that QR code coupons give to retailers is information. 

Print marketing is difficult to track compared with digital marketing. This is no longer true if you use the analytics available from QR codes. With this type of coupon, you can effectively see how many people scan the QR code vs. how many people later shop at the store. In some cases, you can see the time of day and the demographics of the person who downloaded the coupon. This is invaluable information to an effective marketing strategy. If you want your print marketing campaign to reach its full potential, let GMS help unlock the power of QR codes on your next direct mail project.