Use Analog Marketing to Build Relationships

Online digital marketing is the go-to method for small businesses who want to enter or enhance their presence in a market, but everyone is doing it. As a result, the internet is saturated with advertisements. The effect of the advertising is diminished because customers automatically see the ad as a sales pitch instead of offering valuable information. This is why a good marketing mix is as important as ever, and it should include analog marketing to build relationships.

What is Analog Marketing?

When you think of analog marketing you should think of it as offline marketing. It is traditional marketing channels that don’t include social media or websites. At one time, the marketing world thought analog marketing was losing its efficacy because of the overwhelming progression into the digital age. However, the overwhelming presence of internet advertising has caused consumers to appreciate traditional marketing forms more than previously expected.

Specifically speaking, there are many examples of analog marketing. Direct mail, television or radio ads, billboards, and print advertising in magazines and newspapers are all good examples. It simply means it isn’t internet marketing.

How Does Analog Marketing Build Relationships?

Analog marketing has also been called relationship marketing, and this is where modern analog marketing differs from traditional marketing strategies. Sure, it is about brand recognition and visibility, but it is also about much more than that. It is about relationships, and people who trust and appreciate businesses are more likely to support them.

Trust and appreciation is difficult to cultivate with online advertising: although, it is very important and can be achieve by two-way communication channels and reviews. In analog marketing, the relationship is built by effort and authenticity. This is because non-digital marketing strategies take more time. They are often created through print media that can be cumbersome to distribute but worth the effort.

Imagine that instead of sending an email thanking a customer for their business, you send a letter via direct mail. This signifies the fact that you value your customer enough to actually mail them correspondence. Similarly, there are very little limitations on analog marketing methods because they don’t have to fit on a computer screen. This provides endless creative opportunities.

Analog Marketing May Thrive in the Future

It is surprising to see the comeback that analog marketing is making especially during times of social distancing and enormous internet use, but it is happening. Much like face-to-face communication is a missed form of communication that only gained appreciation with its loss, traditional marketing is a refreshing norm. It also gives businesses an opportunity to create a marketing mix that is highly effective.