The Fundamentals of Envelope Marketing

Of course the content inside an envelope is important, but what about the envelope itself? Any good business owner should know that a marketing opportunity begins right from the moment a potential client turns their attention your way. More than just a mere container to send a message or mailer to your customer base, an envelope is a great opportunity to further market towards your clientele and to entice them to open said envelope. Continue reading below for some simple design tweaks that can make your envelopes stand out and appear more appealing to the recipients.

Envelope Material

Do not underestimate the effect the feel and weight of an envelope in the hand can have on the person holding it. While it may be tempting to simply go with the cheapest basic option, there are several benefits to choosing a higher-quality paper stock. First, this will look more professional to your clients, as thick stock is more likely to hold up better while traveling through the postal system.

Further, since many people absent-mindedly sift through their mail for important letters they may be expecting and barely pay attention to the other items, there is a great advantage to drawing in a customer by the sense of feel alone. If your envelope feels sturdier than the others, it will jump out and more likely warrant a closer look.

Design Considerations

Like anything you put out, your envelopes should be consistent with your branding. While you may be more limited as to what you can put on the front of an envelope by the post office, you can usually take more liberties with the back and the inside. A splash of color grabs the eye and helps differentiate various texts. Remember, though, that less is more. An envelope that looks too busy will be hard to read and look unprofessional.

Use the envelope as an opportunity for short, compelling copy. Do your best to appeal to emotions and desires, and all you need is to pique their interest enough to open the mail. Draw your reader in with a hint of what is to come inside, and be clear with your call to action and a sense of urgency.

If you are having difficulty with getting recipients to open your mailers, try these tips out and see if you get more responses to the items you mail. As always, it is a best practice to have some method to track conversion rates from mailers, such as QR codes or special discount codes. Reach out to Graphic Media Solutions for more information on how to make your mail campaigns more effective.