Re-Engage Inactive Customers with a Win-Back Strategy for Email Marketing

Each business no matter how big or small spends a significant amount of time and money on marketing investments. As the marketing world is increasingly diversified due to electronic media, a number of businesses are relying on email marketing techniques to reach new, existing, and lapsed customers. When reaching lapsed customers, businesses should have a clear win-back campaign in order to re-engage customers without tarnishing one’s marketing reputation.

What is a Win-Back Campaign?

A win-back campaign is a set of marketing emails meant to reconnect with your customer who hasn’t recently engaged with your business. It is basically a reminder that you are still out there ready to deliver your amazing products or services. In many cases, customers want more of what you have to offer, but they are distracted by other daily tasks or your competition. A win-back campaign shows these customers that you value them.

Typically, winning back a customer involves two or three emails. They are positive reminders that you appreciate their business. The wording shouldn’t involve helpless pleas but serve more so as a positive invitation to return. These emails may include coupons or online shopping discount codes to further encourage future engagement. They don’t need to be lengthy and are meant to quickly encourage another look at your business.

What is a lapsed customer?

The first step in creating a win-back campaign is determining who you consider to be a lapsed customer. There is a window of time where it is appropriate and somewhat expected to reconnect with a customer.

For most businesses, a lapsed customer is a customer who has not engaged with your business for 3 to 6 months. If your business sells large items that are not purchased regularly, it may be more appropriate to contact twice a year. For a small restaurant or coffee shop, a few weeks may suffice. Each Win-Back strategy is different, but the customers they do reconnect tend to remain engaged. Win-backs are proven to be worth the investment.

How Can a Win-Back Campaign Tarnish a Marketing Reputation?

Businesses should not be too aggressive with their marketing tactics in any situation. Too many emails represent a burden to the customer, and burdened customers will voice their complaints. In the online world, these complaints can spread like wildfire.

What does this mean for your win-back campaign? It means to send just a few emails, and stop the emails if a customer continues to ignore them. There is a certain time to purge your email list, but it isn’t until you have attempted to win back your customer, or the customer has requested to be removed from your list.

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