Printed Business Brochures Are as Effective as Ever

Even with all the online marketing opportunities companies now employ, printed brochures are still alive and well. In fact, they are thriving. The Direct Marketing Association states that as many as 79 percent of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a brochure.

Boost your marketing efforts and reinforce your brand with a professional and appealing business brochure. They provide ample space to share tons of information, are relatively low cost and allow the consumer to read the brochure and then share with friends.

  1. Business brochures convey professionalism and authority of your industry. What better way to introduce people to your company than with an informative and professional-looking brochure? Providing brochures displays that your business is confident in the work it does. Highlight the services you provide and key points about what sets your business above the rest.
  2. Business storytelling. Connect with your audience by letting your company’s story play out over the brochure panels. Storytelling is the new way of marketing. Distinguish your brand and personalize your business by sharing yours.
  3. Brochures are cost effective. They are more affordable than online marketing options. In addition, you are able to provide a great deal more content, including eye-catching imagery and useful information. Plus, you can save even more money ordering in bulk.
  4. They help people make a decision in the buyer’s journey. Educate buyers on how your business can assist them. Provide pertinent information that answers their questions before they can even ask them. You’ll prove that you are in tune with your audience and understand their needs.
  5. Offers more room for company and product information than newspaper or magazine ads. Your graphics and images won’t be boxed in the way they are in online, newspaper and magazine advertisements. Your business also doesn’t have to compete with any other advertisements throughout the publication. Brochures allow your company to be the center of the consumer’s undivided attention.
  6. Easy to distribute. Place in high foot-traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, retail stores, trade shows, banks, etc. When at a trade show or local event or fair, include a freebie item along with your brochure. The promotional giveaway entices potential consumers to visit your table. Pass out the brochure with the giveaway, allowing the customer to read and learn about your company at their leisure.
  7. Builds trust. Including your company mission statement, objectives and goals in the brochure solidifies exactly what your business is about. You’ll provide the consumer with a better understanding of how your company operates and what they can expect when dealing with your business.
  8. Effective marketing campaigns that can help generate leads. Brochures are a great way to attract new customers. They allow you to disseminate accurate information about your business and services. Fully explain why the consumer needs your business. Always include a call-to-action, such as, “Visit our website!” or “Call us for more information!” with all of your contact information printed prominently.
  9. Catches the attention of potential customers in the buyer’s journey. When consumers are shopping the market they often research and compare companies before making a decision. Having a professionally printed brochure highlighting your company’s best attributes can help persuade the customer to select your business over the others.
  10. Print is more memorable. According to a study by TrueImpact, a neuromarketing firm, 70 percent of consumers are more likely to remember something they’ve seen in print. A brochure is the perfect way to stay on your consumers’ minds!

Graphic Media Solutions Brochure Printing Services

Brochures provide many different options allowing you to feature your business in the best possible way. Create eye catching designs while remaining consistent with your branding to create recognition with your target market. Here’s our brochure printing services options:

Brochure Color – You have the option to print color on just the front, which saves money, or choose full color for the front and back, which provides a richer look.

  • Full color front
  • Full color front and back

Brochure Paper – We provide several paper options. Think about how your brochure will be used and the finished look and feel you’d like to achieve to help determine your paper selection.

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Opaque

Brochure Finishing – There’s more than one way to fold a piece of paper! Here are some of the folding options when it comes to your brochure:

  • Trim only, no folding – Essentially a flyer that provides ample room for design and content.
  • Half fold – Folding a printed page in half. After folding, the brochure consists of four panels, two on the front and two on the back, similar to a card.
  • Quarter fold – Made by folding in half and then half again.

Brochure Proofing – You have the option of how you’d like to view the final copy before the brochure goes to print.

  • Softproof – Viewing the final copy digitally on your computer monitor.
  • Hardcopy – Printing the brochure to view an actual representation of what will be printed.

Attract new customers and be remembered with a beautifully designed and professional looking brochure. Tell consumers exactly what you want them to know and why your business is the best option. Call us today for help designing your brochure at 888-601-3934 or contact us here for more.

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