Powerful Benefits Of Digital Printing Services For Schools

Reap the Powerful Benefits of Digital Printing Services for Schools

Show off your school pride! Digital printing offers endless options for schools looking to connect with their audience, create informational material or generate revenue. Using a professional digital printing service enables schools to print materials in mass quantities with a quick turnaround. You’ll be able to achieve high-quality finishes with unique designs at an affordable price.

Digital printing provides schools the resources to directly reach their audience. Appeal to your target demographic while working towards revenue generation. Promote your activity, event or fundraiser and increase sponsorship with printed programs. Create sharp-looking sales and marketing materials promoting your school. Rely on our support services to help you quickly create print pieces that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Variable Data Printing in Educational Institutions

Get personal! With variable data printing, that is. Variable printing allows you to personalize your direct mail. Envelopes addressed to “Current Resident” are quickly tossed in recycling without a second thought.

However, adding the recipient’s name has proven much more successful. Really catch their attention by speaking directly to them, such as, “Hey, Kelly, check out what’s happening at Bayside High!” You’re sure to peak their interest and curiosity will get the best of them. Personalization works to boost engagement with the recipient and encourages them to take action.

Types of Print Service for Schools

Educational institutions have a wide range of printing needs and various targeted demographics, such as students, staff, the community, sponsors and trying to reach potential students and their parents. There are many different types of print services to meet a school’s many needs. Here we touch on a few:

  • Brochures – Brochures provide credibility in a small package with ample space to highlight your school’s best features. This allows recipients to review the information at their own pace. Draw students to your institution with a brochure that features what your school can offer and how they will benefit. Direct mail your brochure to gain prospective students. Proper marketing is all about storytelling, so tell your audience your school’s story.
  • School directories – Essential for both students and employees, digital printing can turn this large, rigorous job into a simple task.
  • Teaching Materials – Peak your students’ interest and hold their attention with professionally-printed worksheets and teaching materials. Printing all these materials in-office for so many students can cost a small fortune in ink, paper and time. GMS can complete the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Orientation Handbooks – Make new students feel welcome with an attention-grabbing and informative orientation handbook that reflects your school’s high standards.
  • Student Newsletters – Increase school pride and keep students up-to-date on school happenings. Alumni Newsletters – Keep alumni feeling connected to their alma mater with an alumni newsletter. Alumni are a great source when seeking financial donations and can advocate for your school.
  • Fundraising – Create professional and inspiring donation request letters and fundraising materials to increase charitable contributions. Print garners a better response rate by providing something informative and tangible.
  • Handbook – Another complex, but necessary print job that provides great value for students to reference.
  • Sports Programs – A necessary print piece to help promote a sense of school pride and team spirit.

Critical to Use Professional Printing Services for Schools

Professional printing services provide professional results. Whether it’s promoting your school’s play, club activity, sports event, prom, homecoming, or fundraiser to providing informative materials to students, teachers and alumni, Graphic Media Solutions can provide top quality, professional print pieces.

Help your school make a lasting impression. Graphic Media Solutions offers digital print, print management, direct mail and much more. Contact Graphic Media Solutions today to learn more!

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