Marketing Must Pivot with Consumer Behavior During Pandemic

Recently, many businesses have limited their investments in marketing due to uncertainty during the pandemic. Nobody knows if businesses will shut down again, and certain businesses have been hit harder than others. For example, movie theaters and stage theaters have a very uncertain future until there is a treatment for COVID-19 or some innovative measure to keep patrons safe. On the other hand, there seems to be a significant demand for restaurant services no matter what level of re-opening is occurring. It is understandable that businesses practice restraint in their ad strategies right now, but there is also an opportunity to shift marketing to meet the changing behavior of the consumer.

How to Shift with Pandemic Consumer Behavior

1. Maintain or Increase Social Media Presence: Social media is an easy and inexpensive way to build a marketing campaign that creates a communication channel with your customers. As people socially distance, they turn to social media to get in touch with friends and family. At no other time has social media marketing been more important than it is now.

2. Roadside Visibility: Just because the digital world has exploded during shut downs doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for print advertising. One of these methods is by advertising from places viewable by vehicles. Banner ads, billboards, and any other form of roadside visibility is an excellent place to build brand awareness and let the public know that you are open for business.

3. Curbside Visibility: Even when many local businesses are force to shut down in-house operations, people still walk the sidewalks and engage in curbside business. This is another excellent opportunity for visibility. In-window advertising is one good way to do this, but offering small print ads with your curbside delivery can be even more effective. Embrace every chance you have to interact with your customer.

4. Direct Mail: It’s hard to imagine a world where the mail would stop (knock on wood), and direct mail remains a viable way to get your message to the public. This is an easy way to reach your target market as well, so your advertising spending can be more efficient.

It’s All About the Mix

Life is definitely changing as we progress through the pandemic, but people will always have to consume. Instead of de-investing in advertising, simply change it to meet the behavior of the consumer. Keep your business traffic moving by investing in marketing strategies that will reach the new movements of the public.