How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

You’ve been diligent with creating and posting your social media messages, but you’re not sure if you’ve been seeing results. How can you tell if your strategy is effective for your needs? The best thing to do is perform a social media audit. This is when you examine your accounts and evaluate their current performance. Read on to learn how to conduct one for yourself.

Analyze your Profiles

Monitor your social media profiles closely. For ease of reference, put together a spreadsheet and document all of your important metrics, including engagement, reach, likes, shares, and traffic from referrals. Compare the current time with a previous one. This will help highlight areas where you could improve and what is working well.

Identify your Top-Performing Posts

Looking at your most popular posts is a good way to evaluate the effectiveness of your content strategy. Different content works for different platforms, and this will help you understand what has most resonated with your audience on each platform. If you have tried to mimic a popular post in the past with less desirable results, take a second look and see if you can identify what actually worked about the first post.

Branding Consistency

It is important to be consistent with your branding across all of your channels. This will help followers recognize your brand immediately on any platform or while scrolling and will help them distinguish your official accounts from copycats. Your bio and imaging should be similar but optimized for each account, and URLs should be current and easy to find.

Identify your Audience

Audience engagement doesn’t end with simply having a lot of followers. It is easy for someone to like or follow a brand on social media, by chance or through a contest, but not actually be engaged with the content. They may not even be your target audience. Monitor your content for engagement and see if conversions are actually happening. IF you notice you have a lot of followers but low engagement and no increase in leads, you may need to change your approach. There is always an opportunity to engage with a new audience.

Social media auditing should be done fairly regularly, especially when you are implementing bigger changes. Quarterly is a good target, but you can adjust that to your personal needs. Don’t have the time to audit that frequently? Hire a marketing professional, like the team at GMS, to help make sure your strategy is staying on track. Digital audits are included in every package we offer. Contact us and learn more today.