5 Strategies for Effectively Distributing Brochures

While it is useful that most businesses have websites these days and people can go online to find out about them, you may want something physical to hand them if you have met your customer in person or at your business. A brochure eliminates the step of having to search on a browser. It gives your client something to look at right away, so they don’t forget later, or at their leisure without having to remember what to look up. Printed materials make your business look more professional and legitimate, but how do you get them into the hands of your customers?

Pass Them Out

This is the simplest way to get your copy out there, but it can also feel like the most tedious. Go to a high-traffic area to distribute, preferably somewhere where your customer base would be, or even just outside of your storefront. This will put a personal face on your business, and the people who stop and chat with you or seem interested are the most likely to be converts.

Attend Trade Shows

If going out on the street seems too intimidating, trade shows are the perfect venue. People are there to look for products and services like yours. In fact, people want to receive a brochure here, so they can remember the booths they visited and what the products were. Try stapling a business card to the front of brochures to keep that personal connection with people you talk to.

Include Them in Packages

Any time you ship an order, include some brochures that provide information about related products that people can review, or pass on to their family and friends.

Place in Pitch Folders

If you give any sort of presentation or sales pitch with materials, be sure to include brochures in your packet. You can use a brochure to highlight special components of your business or simply to reiterate the points in your pitch. Tuck the brochure in front, so it is visible. People also will likely go for it first because unfolding a document is satisfying.

Display Them at Business Centers or Kiosks

If there are relevant brochures in an area, yours should be there too. Even if they are among a lot of competing brochures, it is better to be in the conversation than not, and there are ways to make your copy stand out more too.

As you can see, distribution is easy and there are many options. Your brochures should be eye-catching and have teasers on the front to encourage people to pick it up and open it. Try to make your call to action the most visible thing on the front of the brochure so customers know what you want them to do with it. GMS can help with a number of brochure strategies to help your business stand out!