5 Reasons to Plan Your Reemergence with Print Marketing

The delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to millions of Americans this winter means many things, and one of those things is that your business is probably planning a re-opening. Lockdown orders and capacity limitations have muffled business opportunities for the better half of a year, but there is light ahead. No matter how greatly the pandemic impacted your business, you should plan your reopening with print marketing

Reopening has varied meanings for each business, but for most small businesses, it is symbolic of survival. Even if your business did not completely shut down during these difficult times, you can “reopen” by setting up a print marketing campaign that shows your customers that you are still alive and well. 

5 Reasons to Plan Your Reemergence with Print Marketing

  1. Demonstrate Quality: One of the best attributes of print marketing is that your clients or customers get to hold material in their hands. This provides an opportunity to show them the quality of goods or services they will receive at your store. Print materials send a subliminal message of this quality through their own quality. Therefore, colors must be bold, and paper must be well-made. The industry does not matter when it comes to striving for quality, and quality advertisements are more effective in all businesses. 
  2. Attract Gen Z: Recent studies are showing a Generation Z preference for print media. This might be because of the bombardment of digital media on every aspect of life, or it may be because it’s something different from “normal” digital advertising. In either account, print advertising campaigns are attracting this major target market. 
  3. Build Trust: Major corporations have cleaned up during the pandemic, and it has left a sour taste with many consumers. They’ve experienced scams and poor quality items sent from third-parties who don’t care and executives who issue refunds instead of improvements. A good print advertisement reminds your customers that they can build trust in your company because you care about quality and commitment through service. 
  4. Thank the Community: Survival for all small businesses has been possible because of community participation, and print advertising is a good way to thank the community. A little thanks goes a long way toward continued support and patronage. 
  5. Advertise Offers: Some things never change, and advertising will always be a vessel to deliver sales, coupons, and discounts to your customer. Motivate your customers to leave their homes and venture into your store by offering them a compelling reason to do so. Let them celebrate the survival of your business by getting a good deal. 

Reopening with Print Marketing Campaigns

Whether your reopening is a true opening of doors or a continued sign of survival, a print marketing campaign delivers something meaningful to your customer. Don’t neglect your digital marketing efforts, but make them stand out by coupling them with print media. Your customers will be impressed by your commitment to your message, and they will support your efforts. Let GMS help re-introduce your products and services with a targeted direct mail campaign, ask us how!