4 Easy Ways to Market with Print for the Holidays

It may seem early to start thinking about the holidays, but with in-store holiday displays going up alongside Halloween items and holiday music hitting the radio waves earlier and earlier each year, you may actually be running behind if you have not considered your holiday marketing plan yet. If this sounds like you, worry not! It is not too late, and we have compiled a list of simple ways to ramp up your end of year sales this season using print.

Reach Out to Current Customers

Gone are the days when physical mail was our primary means of communication. These days, getting something in the mail that is not a bill or a jury duty summons can feel like a welcome novelty. For customers who have shopped you or left their mailing information with you this past year, a personal touch like a holiday greeting card can do wonders in terms of positive associations with your brand among former customers. You can include special offers or discounts if you like, but the greeting card alone might be enough to earn you a sale down the road.

Use Door Hangers

Dropped the ball and don’t have a mailing list ready to go? No problem! Door hangers are an easy way to access your customer base directly, especially if you are a company that relies heavily on local or neighborhood business. This is an effective method of informing large groups of people about holiday promotions, without having to get their information first. Door hangers also have the advantage of being directly in the target’s line of sight – you can’t miss it!

Send Out a Catalog

Consumer studies have found in recent years that catalogs as an effective marketing tool have had a resurgence. Whether it was brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers, both have found that customers who are given catalogs end up spending more and developing longer-lasting relationships with the business. People tend to process and retain information from print more easily and trust print products more. A holiday catalog may be just the thing to tap into youthful nostalgia too. Plus, there is no longer any need to call in an order. Include QR codes next to items for easy online ordering or to add items directly to a shopping cart.

Give a Small Gift

Everyone appreciates a token, no matter how small. Go for something fun and useful, like a magnetic calendar or a small discount packaged and printed as a gift certificate.

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