3 Tips to Optimize Your Website Homepage

With the many different ways people engage the internet in 2021, some argue that website homepages are not important anymore because they are not the first page users always land on. In most cases, this is simply not true.

Your homepage may not be where the sales happen, but it is the anchor of your website, and even if it’s not the landing page where a new customer was directed, chances are high they will still end up there. Many customers like to do their research before purchasing from an unfamiliar site or brand. It all starts with the homepage. Read on for some tips on how to retain new clients with your homepage.

Craft Good Copy

A homepage that looks good is important. Quality design draws the eye to the right parts of the page and looks professional. However, all the good design in the world can’t help you if your copy is a mess. The goal of your homepage is to explain the benefit of your product or service. If your copy doesn’t clearly establish this, customers may be confused and move on. Adding things like testimonials and guarantees front and center can also help cultivate trust, another reason for a new client to stay.

The 7-Second Test

Are you unsure of how effective your homepage is? There is an easy test to figure out if your copy and design are doing what they are supposed to do. Have a neutral party who is unfamiliar with your business view your homepage and see if they can tell you the following three things in 7 seconds:

  • Your product and the issue it addresses
  • Why they should care
  • The next step you want them to take

You have a short window to catch a user’s attention online, so that last item is especially important.

Call to Action

If you can establish trust and understanding quickly, you still need to guide the customer to the right next step. This is where your call to action comes in. It can be tempting to throw a bunch of possibilities at a new visitor to see which one gets a bite, but it is best to only have one. This limits confusion and funnels all your clients to the same place. Examples include register/join buttons, start an assessment, or begin a demo/trial. Contact forms are key!

These tips are a good starting place for any new business or one that needs a refresh. It is very important to remember that your homepage is dynamic. It should change and grow with your business, so don’t be afraid to reevaluate these points as your business shifts. Ask GMS for a free website review, we have the tools and expertise to reinvent your entire digital footprint.